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Monthly Giving

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As a West Coast Protector your monthly donation provides sustainable, reliable funding, increasing West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation’s capacity to bring British Columbia closer to realizing our vision of environmental protection enshrined in law.

Administration costs for monthly donations are lower than for annual donations, allowing more of your donation to be directly applied to promoting protection of the environment and public participation in environmental decision-making.

Monthly donations make it easier for many people to include philanthropy in their budget, and all amounts make a significant difference over time. For instance, most people don’t miss $10 a month but this amounts to an annual gift of $120 – and to West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation that makes a world of difference.

We will never trade or rent your name or any of your personal or contact information.
As a donor, you will receive Legal e-Brief, our monthly electronic newsletter. Becoming a West Coast Protector is easy:

  • Let us know the amount of your gift and your preferred method of payment (contact options below).
  • You can increase, decrease, postpone or stop your monthly donation at any time.
  • You will receive one annual tax receipt.


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You may also choose to donate:

By Email: donations@wcel.org
By Phone: 1-800-330-9235 (in BC) or 604-601-2511 (in Metro Vancouver)

Security and Accountability

Click here to learn how we’ll protect your privacy, the safety and security of online giving and our commitment to our donor’s to be BC’s legal champion for the environment.

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