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Maps of Our Work

West Coast works in a diverse array of communities across BC - you can be assured that our work has impacted you as a British Columbian in some meaningful way.  If you are interested in seeing the scope of our work in British Columbia during the past three years you can view our interactive Google maps. 

We are proud of the work that we do through our Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund - a program that is truly one of a kind in Canada. Through the EDRF we provide legal support to communities across BC.  To view a map of EDRF grant recipients, and find out a bit more about each project, please click here.

West Coast Summary Advice program provides free environmental legal advice to the citizens of British Columbia. Having provided assistance to over 300 people in the last three years, Summary Advice is one of our most utilized programs.  To view a comprehensive map of the locations of issues on which we have provided summary advice, please click here.