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Sustainable Decisions

Community sustainability flows in large part from the decisions made by local governments about the shape of community development. What is our long-range vision for the community and does our planning reflect that vision? What zoning do we have in place? What controls does the local government place on the shape and design of buildings, roads and other infrastructure? How well do we integrate water and energy choices into land use decision-making? What are we doing to protect, support and integrate our natural areas, our heritage and our culture, to make vibrant, liveable communities? Does our local government recover its costs effectively?

Our Smart Bylaws Guide, first published in 2004 and updated in 2008, provides key direction for local governments on how to create bylaws that will lead to more sustainable choices for communities in British Columbia. It explains smart growth concepts and provides links to case studies and sample bylaws. In short, it gives citizens and local government staff the tools they need to understand and get started on their way to change.

The law is always changing, and so are our ideas of what makes a community sustainable. This project stays abreast of current developments and provides timely advice and direction on new legal opportunities to move the “sustainability bar” just a little bit higher.

Recent Publications:
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